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Ellen McCoy

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division


Ellen joins Gecko Hospitality Mississippi team with 20 years of experience as a legal assistant with a large defense firm.

During her time as a legal assistant, Ellen took a break and joined the restaurant industry.  She worked at Newk’s Eatery in the corporate office assisting the Vice-Price President of Operations and Marketing, In-house Counsel and the Chief Development Officer.  New to this industry, she quickly learned how each department worked and her responsibilities changed.  Ellen began establishing professional relationships with outside marketing firms to help develop an understanding of what services each restaurant offered.  She assisted in the preparation of franchise agreements and local area development agreements.  She assisted the Chief Development Officer with contacting potential franchisees and providing them with the information needed to prepare for the franchise agreement process and helped coordinate visits by the potential franchisee to meet with each of the company officers.  During this time, she gained an appreciation for the culinary market and is excited to begin her new journey with Gecko Hospitality.

Ellen enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her husband trying new restaurants, fishing, hunting and wood working. They also enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.