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Jennifer Ebert

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

District of Columbia (DC)

Offering over 20 years of industry-specific experience in Senior Healthcare and a master’s degree in Healthcare Marketing and Communication and a minor in Business Administration, Jennifer brings exclusive in-sight to her clients by truly understanding their needs to match them with the right candidate.

Jennifer has served on the Board of Directors for the Lehigh Valley Aging in Place, HealthNet, Alzheimer’s Association, The United Way, and the American Cancer Society in the Northeast. She was also a past Certified Senior Advisor.

She has retained positions as an Office Manager, Caregiver, Director of Marketing and Admissions, to her most current role as a Business Development Manager. Jennifer has learned the ins and outs of the Senior Industry from her multifaceted roles, how to execute and ensure high quality guest interactions. Her ambition for success comes down to more than just monetary, it’s a passion to help others find their dream job and to reach their full potential by finding the right match. Being a recruiter is a perfect fit as it gives her the opportunity to impact people’s lives for the better.