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Jeremy Sternagle

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

Florida - Northern

Jeremy A. Sternagle brings 25 years of exceptional world-class experience in operations of the hospitality industry to Gecko Hospitality. Since his graduation from Youngstown State University in 2005, with a Hospitality Management Major, he has devoted his entire life to excelling and growing - both as a manager and as a person. With his unparalleled attention to detail, top notch staff attrition, stellar organizational, empathetic social skills, with exemplary and prompt communication skills - Jeremy has had roles in nearly every facet of the restaurant industry. His roles have spanned from sous chef of a gourmet setting to a General Manager to a Senior Manager and Training manager of a large-scale Brewhouse and restaurant; to his most current role of a Kitchen Manager generating more than $10 million annually in food revenue and over 2,000 made from scratch recipes daily. Now, Jeremy is devoted to using his years of experience in the industry in finding the dream job for his clients and absolutely not stopping until that dream is realized