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JoEtta Barnes

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

Florida - Northern

JoEtta Barnes joins Gecko Hospitality with over four decades of successful experience in recruitment, retention, and learning and development. JoEtta specializes in connecting top talent with brands and organizations that are looking to take their business to the next level, enhance their operation, and grow their people, profits, and performance.

JoEtta believes that successful teams are developed through authenticity, radical candor, and a lot of laughter! She is passionate about strategy and working towards successful execution by aligning talented individuals with amazing organizations to grow both the brand/company, as well as the individuals within the teams.

As a lifelong autodidact, she is constantly learning and growing. She enjoys the fast-paced ambiguity and potential that comes with hospitality recruiting in ever-changing environment.

JoEtta resides in Colorado and takes advantage of the amazing COLORFUL Colorado experiences that the state has to offer year-round. In her spare time, JoEtta enjoys sports, exercising, photography, and spending time with a good book!