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Melissa Carver

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division

South Carolina

Melissa built her 20-plus-year history of success in hospitality industries from the ground up. Throughout her diverse career, she has always strived for a better understanding of service, craft, and leadership. Her management background includes high volume bar sales in nightlife, hotel food and beverage service, and expertise within fine and casual dining restaurants.

Like many others, Melissa’s hospitality career began in earnest during a break after college where she had just graduated with a BFA in fine arts and psychology. “It wasn’t long before I acknowledged that hospitality service is a study in fine arts and human nature. Restaurants, bars, and hotels create original patterns by the way they interact and work with their clientele and staff. Sometimes those patterns repeat; sometimes they vary like snowflakes.”

Throughout her career, Melissa has learned the importance of hiring and onboarding new employees to build lasting relationships. She found her true passion in aiding others in their next steppingstone for future endeavors.