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Melissa Irvin

Executive Recruiter

(213) 735-0023

Restaurant Division

California - Orange County

Melissa Irvin joins Gecko Hospitality as an Executive Recruiter for the Orange County, California division. At a young age, Melissa had several positions within the hospitality industry and quickly learned that she loved the fast-paced environment, the ability to provide guests with an experience, and most of all, meeting new people. In 2006, Melissa expanded her hospitality experience to include work at Meadowood Napa Valley. There she worked as a spa coordinator, taught classes, and provided massage therapy to guests and members. From there she worked at the Lucas Film Corporate Wellness Center in San Francisco, where she managed the fitness center and spa.

After Melissa finished her Ph.D. in psychology, she was eager to get back into the food and beverage industry. She has since worked as a restaurant manager and as a catering sales manager in the Southern California area.

Melissa currently resides in Southern California and keeps busy with her husband, children, and myriad of animals. Melissa and her family foster pets - primarily dogs. She is a figure skating enthusiast, having competed in the sport for over 20 years. She is new to Gecko Hospitality and looks forward to working with the wonderful candidates and restaurants in Southern California.