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Mike Conrad

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

Florida - South

Mike began his hospitality career at an early age in his hometown of Rochester, NY. Whether it was building out his family’s long time restaurant in the mid 90’s; or working in a classic brigade in some of NY's finest kitchens. In Late 2010 after attending college for marketing Mike relocated to Detroit, MI for a change of scenery. In the coming years he would work his way through the kitchen hierarchy. During these years Mike honed his abilities and was enlisted to partner and open a restaurant in 2015.


In 2017, Mike's restaurant (takoi) was nominated for the designation of ‘Best Restaurant Midwest’ by the coveted James Beard Foundation. . Takoi was later recognized as Detroit’s Restaurant of the Year, 2017.  As the company grew, ownership wanted Mike to grow as well. In late 2019, he opened his second restaurant in Detroit. While construction took place Mike found himself in Chicago. It was here that he was able to study and intern at a few of the Midwest’s Michelin accredited kitchens. This cultivated a deep understanding of what it means to cook, manage, and be creative at the highest level.


In his free time Mike enjoys doing pop-ups, playing music, traveling and dining in the world's best restaurants.