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Mike Maloney, CPC

Franchise Partner


Hospitality Division

Texas - South

Restaurant Division

Texas - North

Mike Maloney is Gecko Hospitality’s Franchise Partner for Texas. Mike has 39+ years of experience in the hospitality industry and has spent the last 25 years among various roles such as owner, multi-unit operator, and restaurant executive.

Mike started out his career as a dishwasher and progressed within the hospitality industry throughout the years. Mike studied Computer Science and Math at the University of Pittsburgh; however, he never left the hospitality industry, as it was his calling. Mike’s passion for the hospitality industry did not start because of a love for food, but more importantly, a love for the people. Mike’s driving force was seeing guests smile and watching employees grow in their careers.

In 2003, Mike left the corporate world to open his own successful fast-casual restaurant, so he could be home and spend time with his growing family. In 2013, Mike was recruited to develop a full-service burger concept. Starting with an initial team of three people, Mike grew the company to 40 full-service restaurants in 7 states in just under seven years. Mike led the charge of sourcing, training, and developing countless Managers, General Managers, and seven District Managers during that time.

Now that Mike is with Gecko Hospitality, he loves being able to use his extensive skills to help others to grow in careers that excite them. Mike’s passion is to continue placing candidates with great companies who complement each other well!

Mike was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and is a huge Steelers fan. Now he resides with his wife, Sara and 3 kids in Lexington, KY.