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Shanelle Clifford

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

North Dakota
South Dakota

Shanelle Clifford joins Gecko Hospitality as an Executive Recruiter for
the Montana, Wyoming, ND, and SD Restaurant Division. She has been in
the restaurant industry for 20 years starting as a server and working her
way up and has been a General Manager for the last 8 years. She learned
a lot through her experiences and wants to further her career helping
people because that is her passion. She wants to make a difference in the
world. She has a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Child and Family
Development and is dedicated to making people happy.
Shanelle enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and 2
stepsons and watching them play the sports they love! She is looking
forward to being a part of the Gecko family so that she can help and inspire
people while doing what she loves.