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Yancy Violi

Yancy Violi

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

California - Northern

Yancy Violi is an Executive Recruiter for Gecko Hospitality and previously was an industry leader in the Food and Beverage scene for the last 9 years. He was celebrated as “NYC’s Celebrity Bartender” in 2019 by BOLD TV and Not-A-Foodie Podcast. He is known for hosting one-of-a-kind cocktail experiences through liquor partnerships as well as creating several prominent cocktail programs both in NYC and Portland, OR. Yancy has partnered with Netflix, Coca-Cola, Marshawn Lynch and numerous other names to create experiences that have impacted the hospitality scene and shown the need for professional leaders who are passionate about the people and not just what they’re eating and drinking.

Yancy is excited to take his love and passion for the industry to matching amazing people with careers they’ll love. Yancy expects nothing but the best for himself and his client’s success and treats every experience as such.