What You Need to Know About the Salary History Bans


There are currently nine US cities, states, and territories that have banned (or soon may ban) salary inquiries from the interview and hiring process. Historically, a candidate was asked for their desired salary or salary range at some point during the interview process. These salary history bans make a direct inquiry with a candidate about… Read more »

March Your Way To A Pay Raise


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March Your Way To A Pay Raise   Know Your Value The first thing you should do is build your case as to why you deserve this pay raise. Prepare yourself to make a list of your accomplishments and specific contributions to the company. You can create a portfolio and showcase your work, or use… Read more »

How to March Into a New Career


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How to March Into a New Career The Job Posting In order to know if you’ll love your new career,  make sure the company that posted the job is legitimate. The first thing you should do is make sure the company or the job posting is not a scam. Search the company and if they… Read more »

A Resume Revamp Will Help You To Reach The Next Rung On The Career Ladder


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Many candidates who wish to take the next step in their Hospitality Management careers submit their usual resumes to recruitment agencies, but then wonder why they are not being invited to attend any interviews.

Essential Job Interview Advice For Restaurant Professionals


Job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience but it is important to try and retain your composure by being fully prepared in order to prove that you are the right person for the Restaurant Management position.

People Management Attributes for Restaurant Managers


Team means together we achieve more

A restaurant manager needs to balance the corporate accountability side of their job, with the social side. Above them are investors, business owners, and general managers. Most of these people have a university BS or equal training. They network with peo