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5 Marketable Hotel Management Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

Landing a hotel management job in the hospitality industry isn’t easy. If you’re worried you’re under qualified, check out this list of marketable hotel management skills you didn’t know you had.

Top-Notch Interpersonal Skills

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required for any hotel management position. Hospitality managers interact with people from diverse backgrounds, demographics and temperaments. This includes interactions with employees, guests and vendors. Your ability to relate to and communicate clearly with others is an important hotel management skill.

Claim this marketable hotel management skill if you:

  • Are known for your diplomacy and tact
  • Can resolve conflicts successfully
  • Feel comfortable speaking to groups of people
  • Work effectively in a team environment
  • Inspire and motivate others

Major Multitasking Abilities

Managers in hospitality juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities. On a typical afternoon, you may need to handle an unhappy guest, interview a new vendor, sort out a staffing shortage and deal with a software problem. But, you must do it all with a calm demeanor and a smile on your face. Hotel managers face unusual hours and hectic work environments. Employers need to know you can handle the pressures that go with the job.

Claim this marketable hotel management skill if you:

  • Create and meet deadlines, no matter what
  • Delegate effectively whenever needed
  • Set reasonable and attainable goals
  • Enjoy a dynamic, fast-paced work environment
  • Thrive under pressure

An Eye for Detail

The hotel industry is highly competitive. It’s often the little things that turn a guest’s experience from unremarkable to extraordinary. Small details—like making sure staff uniforms are ironed, keeping windows spotless, and replacing old flowers with fresh ones—may seem minor, but they make an impression in the minds of guests. And first impressions tend to be lasting impressions. A hotel manager must be highly attuned to details and strive for perfection without being rigid.

Claim this marketable hotel management skill if you:

  • Are naturally focused and observant
  • Finish tasks you start
  • Enjoy organizing and being organized
  • Notice the details without missing the big picture
  • Are a pro at project management

Specialized Knowledge or Skills

Stand out from the pack when applying to jobs. Spotlight unique and specialized skills you possess. Technical and computer skills, financial management and bookkeeping, and operational knowledge can all move your resume to the top. Speaking multiple languages is also in high demand, especially in areas with international tourists.

Claim this marketable hotel management skill if you:

  • Speak more than one language
  • Have advanced computer skills
  • Know social media or enjoy public speaking
  • Can handle finances or record keeping
  • Have management experience outside of hospitality

Natural Leadership Skills

You can’t be a manager without leadership skills. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to gain and show leadership skills, even if you don’t currently work in management. If boosting morale, resolving disputes and taking control of projects is something you’re good at, you have the leadership skills necessary to be a hotel manager.

Claim this marketable hotel management skill if you:

  • Have high expectations for yourself and your staff
  • Take initiative and seek out ways to improve your organization
  • Are an excellent problem solver
  • Are great at team building and team motivating
  • Take responsibility for failures, and share successes with your team

Wondering if You Have Marketable Hotel Management Skills?

If you have the skills discussed above, you may be the perfect candidate for a hotel management position. At Gecko Hospitality, we can take those marketable hotel management skills you didn’t know you had and turn them into selling points on your resume. Contact us for help finding the perfect position for your unique talents.


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