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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Hotel Guests Feel Special

Managers in the hospitality field know that their customers have a lot of choices these days. With popular options that include other hotel competitors, bed and breakfasts, and even Airbnb, we know that making our hotel guests feel cared for and special could tip the scales in your favor and give you an advantage over all your competitors.

This article has three simple suggestions for making your hotel guests feel special. Follow these tips and keep them coming back for more.

Tip #1—Engage the Customer Before They Arrive

Most hotels use email communication to reach out to customers before they arrive. Start the relationship early by using these tools to share small details about the facility. Offer coupons on amenities and give tips about what is happening in the area to make guests feel pampered and welcomed well before they arrive. You could also drive traffic to your on-site restaurant or bar by advertising happy hour or push high-end hotel amenities like massage or shopping. (Additional tip: You should also make sure you thank your guests for visiting and poll them on their experience so you can improve.

Tip #2—Offer Small Amenities Throughout Their Stay

Complimentary refreshments are an easy way to make guests feel special. For example, why not offer free tea and coffee in the hotel lobby? On warm summer days, why not offer complimentary lemon or lime water to your guests? Could setting up a complimentary hot beverage station on every floor make your guests feel more welcome? What about fresh cookies at check-in? Maids should be given sweet treats in the form of chocolate or mint to leave on pillows. Having flowers in the lobby is also a nice touch. Another tip? Make sure you offer drinks in real cups or glasses and not cheap, non-environmentally friendly Styrofoam.  All these small amenities can provide a sense of comfort when guests are away from home and make them want to pick your facility over everyone else.

Tip #3—Make Upgrades a Part of the Experience

Upgrading your hotel rooms does not necessarily require a big, costly construction project. Try slowly upgrading room amenities, such as adding more plush pillows and breathable bed linens. Soft down comforters, more natural fibers, and higher thread counts on the sheets will help guests rest easier without adding big remodeling costs to your facility. Do you have a soft robe in the closet? You can take the same approach with towels; extra-large, fluffy bath towels add an element of luxury to any room. You can also provide larger bottles of shampoo and conditioner, particularly for guests who are an extended stay. An easy amenity to improve is the quality of the bathroom cosmetics. Customers appreciate higher quality and more natural soaps, creams, and shampoos.

While these are just a few low-cost and easy ways to upgrade the customer experience, it is the attitude and approach of your staff that will have a huge impact. If you’re seeking the help of some new customer-friendly members on your team, contact the staffing experts at Gecko Hospitality today.


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