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Corporate Team

Sabra Scott

Support Specialist

239-690-7006 ext. 107

Sabra Scott joins Gecko Hospitality as a our newest Corporate Support Specialist. Sabra has over 5 years of restaurant and hospitality experience and she understands the value of great leadership and the strength of the teamwork that can follow. She naturally gravitates towards catering and the food service industry, developing a strong passion for learning and training. Eventually moving into restaurant management, Sabra has worked with great teams and leaders that helped instill organization and efficiency. She finds motivation in training and helping others to develop and hone their skills. Sabra brings her goal-oriented work style and her “never give up” attitude to Gecko Hospitality.

Sabra moved from Ohio to Florida to be closer to her family in 2018. She enjoys painting and playing darts in her free time and she currently resides in Fort Myers with her two cats and her fiancé.