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Adele DeGeare, CPC

Executive Recruiter

(704) 780-1045

Restaurant Division

North Carolina - Eastern

Adele's journey commenced in a casual chain environment, where her skillset for successful management of people began. Natural progression from an entry-level role to a Service Manager and quickly becoming a crucial training and standards champion for one of the company's highest-grossing locations. Her dedication was not confined to her primary role; she embraced the responsibility of mentoring the Front of House training program, further extending her expertise to the region assisting with new restaurant openings. This commitment to training allowed her the freedom to manage the processes and improve the primary duties of her staff. This included service, expediting, BOH operations, maintenance and curb appeal. The recognition immediately followed.

Transitioning to a Food Services Contract Company as a Retail Services Manager, Adele's pursuit of excellence expanded her skillset, gaining proficiency in menu development, retail design, and marketing. Her ability was recognized as she was entrusted to oversee more than 20 locations, holding monthly marketing calls, site visits, and launching of new account locations.

Central to Adele's career trajectory is her unwavering emphasis on service. Her passion for her work manifests in her relentless drive to provide superior service, going the extra mile as the norm rather than the exception. She champions an inclusive, fair, and business-strategized management style, underpinned by meticulous attention to detail. However, her ultimate satisfaction comes from helping others fulfill their potential and realize their ambitions.

Outside of her professional sphere, Adele's life is enriched by her two sons and their shared love for sports. She cherishes the time spent cheering at their sports matches as they excel with their teams. It is that spirit of involvement with helping each individual become their very best that also allows her the success within the recruiting industry. We help each other become more. She puts the effort and energy into each person that she represents. One person, one success story, each day.