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Andrea Hudon, CPC

Andrea Hudon

Franchise Partner


Restaurant Division

Florida - Orlando
Florida - Tampa

Andrea Hudon is the Gecko Hospitality Franchise Partner for Central Florida: Orlando, Tampa and surrounding areas. During her 13 plus years with Gecko, she has placed 100’s of Management Level Candidates with customer firms. Her friendly and efficient manner builds long lasting relationships with fellow Franchise Partners, clients and candidates alike.

Andrea utilizes the strength and breadth of Gecko main office and regional partners, when needed to help satisfy her clients’ specific needs. Gecko’s mission to exceed customer expectations, promotes a culture of cooperation & support among Franchise Partners.

Prior to joining Gecko, Andrea was a Training Store General Manager for Edwardo’s Pizza & Gino’s East for 6 years. One of her stores was touted for doing over 5mm/yr of business. This GM experience in the hospitality industry made her transition to Restaurant Manager recruiting for Gecko a natural move.

Andrea graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality. She was also honored as a Top WIU Senior at the yearly National Restaurant Association Show.