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James Bullard, CPC

Franchise Partner


Restaurant Division

Texas - South

A graduate of Purdue University, James Bullard brings over 20 years of professional recruiting experience to Gecko's Recruiting team.

A 20+ year recruiting veteran, James has had both Corporate recruiting experience on the company side as well as 10+ years on the Agency side. This allows James to have the unique perspective of both sides of the recruiting sector.

While on the corporate side, James won many accolades due to his unique ability to build relationships with his operators. Awards such as Recruiter of the Year, Top Gun recipient, and Platinum Performance Award are just a few awards given to James.

On the Agency with James' leadership, his team has continued to perform at the highest level wining multiple awards such as Rookie of the Year, Recruiter of the Year on multiple occasions and Highest Sales.

James is a passionate leader that continues to develop his team to accomplish many standards and achievements in the recruiting industry.

Restaurant Recruiter and Hospitality Recruiter - Indianapolis, IN | Lafayette, IN | Fort Wayne, IN | South Bend, IN | Evansville, IN | Merrillville, IN | New Albany, IN | Austin, TX | San Antonio, TX| Houston, TX | Corpus Christi, TX | McAllen, TX | College Station, TX | Katy, TX | Laredo, TX | Galveston, TX | Beaumont, TX | Brownsville, TX | Bryan, TX | new Braunfels, TX | Edinburgh, TX