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Kimberly Young

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

North Carolina - Western

Kimberly "Kimber" Young has always excelled in the restaurant industry for many years. In pursuit of her love of wine, food and traveling, she went on to hold a few General Management positions over the course of her career. Continuing her education, she has achieved the status of Certified Sommelier and puts that type of passion and education in all of her work. Through her dedication to passing on her knowledge to others, Kimber identified a need to develop talent in the local markets. She has spoken professionally on various aspects of the industry. She looks for the qualities employers want in the highly competitive market and delivers that match quickly!

Kimber is known for being prompt, attentive, diligent, and consistent in facilitating exceptional client experiences. Kimber easily adapts to situations and invests in cultivating long-term relationships with clients. Her mission is to help people achieve their goals!