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Megan Applegate, CPC

Franchise Partner


Hospitality Division

North Carolina

Offering over 18 years of industry-specific management experience in upscale luxury hotels and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, Megan brings exclusive in-sight to her clients by truly understanding their needs in order to match them with the right candidate.

Megan has served on the Board of Directors for the Charlotte chapter of the National Association of Catering & Events for over 5 years. She is also in the elite community of professionals that hold the designation of a Certified Professional in Catering & Events, CPCE.

Megan has the demonstrated ability to find the perfect candidate by uncovering the “why” behind the clients true needs. Her talent lies in her coaching for success, interviewing, negotiation and relationship building skills.

Megan thrives on the success of finding the “perfect match” for both her clients and her talented Hospitality professionals.