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Michael Brady, CPC

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division


Restaurant Division


Michael has a passion for the hospitality industry. His career spans over 17 years in which he has held leadership positions in hotels, resorts, fine dining restaurants and country clubs. Michael started working in restaurants in high school and quickly discovered his love for food and the dining experience. Upon graduating from The Culinary Institute of America with a degree in culinary arts and hospitality management, he began his journey into front of the house management where he has held positions of department manager, operations manager and general manager. Michael believes that a great deal of his success comes from his ability to connect with people, understand cultures and create strong relationships.

Michael joins Gecko Hospitality as an executive recruiter and is excited to collaborate with new clients and candidates and continue building professional relationships. His extensive operational experience allows him to understand the needs of his clients and the importance of finding the perfect candidate for the company.

Michael lives in Chicago and in his free time he enjoys exploring new restaurants, traveling and is a car and aviation enthusiast.