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Michelle Hollander

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division


Michelle brings a penchant for the hospitality industry and, in particular, for an amazing ability to connect with people when providing best-in-class client services. She is committed to excellence. In fact, she is tireless when it comes to providing the ultimate in client relations. Michelle is simply a believer in treating others with absolute respect.

What sets Michelle apart is her ability to provide exemplary service and her genuine excitement in planning and executing on staffing projects. At the foundation of her success is a meticulous desire to provide first-rate service. This attitude has allowed Michelle to continuously go beyond expectations to produce win-win results for every client and candidate that she has worked with.

Discipline and dedication are the cornerstones of Michelle’s success on both a professional and personal level. Armed with a corporate training background as well as a fitness competitor, Michelle is known for being in an “all in” type of individual who strives to do her best. Naturally skilled at organizing, coordinating, and planning events, she can be counted on to deliver the ultimate customer experience.