Our Recruitment Process

Find the right candidate every time with Gecko.

Worry-Free Hiring

Our proven method for finding and presenting only the most qualified candidates ensures that you’ll get the right person for the job.

"I no longer need to post ads, filter through resumes and waste time speaking with less-than qualified individuals. I receive qualified candidates, set aside a day to interview a select few and pick who I feel is most qualified for our restaurant. Gecko makes this possible!"

Tim Mayfield, Director of Human Resources, Logan’s Roadhouse/Logans in the Carolina’s

Client Review

We collaborate with you to understand your company’s culture and vision. We discuss management style, salary and benefit structures to assess which candidates will most closely match your requirements.

Job Order Consultation and Strategic Search Plan

Together we define job specifications, discuss the managerial metrics education and leadership competencies required to perform the position at a high level, and set reporting and compensation expectations.

Qualified Candidate Recruitment and Reference Checks

Given the reach of Gecko Hospitality’s existing network of candidate profiles, we only provide you with the most qualified candidates matching the information gained from the strategic search plan.

Close The Candidate

Once a final candidate has been identified, Gecko Hospitality extends the offer and explains the benefit package. Upon offer acceptance, we lead the candidate through the ethical process of leaving their current employer.

If an offer will not be extended, the recruiter relays that message in a positive and professional manner, ensuring the credibility of your organization and maintaining a friendly relationship with the candidate.

Client Follow-Up

Once the candidate begins employment, we maintain open communication to monitor the candidate’s progression and your satisfaction.

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