Gecko Hospitality Management Salary & Trends Report 2018

Gecko Hospitality, North America’s premiere recruiting firm that connects top talent and companies within the hospitality and restaurant industries, released its fourth annual Hospitality Management Salary Survey Report for 2018.

“Every year, we uncover trends that surprise us,” said Robert Krzak, President, Gecko Hospitality. “This is the most comprehensive salary survey report in the industry and contains a wealth of information to help any hiring manager plan for future growth.”

In total, more than 1800 restaurant and hospitality management professionals throughout the United States and Canada participated in the survey between January 2018 and December 2018. Participants span the hospitality segment: quick service, fast casual, and family and upscale dining.


Curious about trends from years’ past? Download our current report and gain access to our previous 4 reports!

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