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Salary trends data from the hospitality industry.

Gecko Hospitality Management Salary & Trends Report 2019 – 2020

Gecko Hospitality, North America’s premiere recruiting firm that connects top talent and companies within the hospitality and restaurant industries, released its fifth annual Hospitality Management Salary Survey Report for 2019 – 2020.

“This past year was like no other,” said Robert Krzak, President, Gecko Hospitality. “Both the hospitality and restaurant industries were affected as ‘COVID-19 layoff’ became one of the biggest reasons many qualified candidates were looking to make a change.”

In 2020, “unemployed” and “business closed/downsized” were the top reasons given by candidates who were looking for new roles, versus “better opportunity” and “improve quality of life” in 2019.

As vaccinations increase and government restrictions decrease, we are very hopeful for the year ahead. “We’re already seeing an uptick in hiring, and we’re optimistic for the year ahead,” said Krzak. “Resume gaps that could cause concern in prior years are more commonplace for 2020. Our clients are ready to hire qualified, talented professionals.”

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