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Nichole Brown

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division


Nichole's journey in the world of hospitality recruitment began with Earls Kitchen + Bar, where she discovered her profound love for the industry. Fascinated by the intricate dance of flavors, service, and ambiance that defines exceptional dining experiences, she felt a deep calling to connect talented individuals with the heartbeats of the hospitality sector.

For Nichole, it's not merely about filling positions; it's about understanding the essence of hospitality and translating it into meaningful career opportunities. She finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the transformative power of the right person placed in the right role, enriching both the individual's life and the establishments they join. This passion fuels her tireless efforts to craft compelling narratives about organizations, highlighting not just job descriptions, but the vibrant cultures that make each venue unique.

She believes in the power of hospitality to create memorable moments, forge lasting connections, and elevate communities. This belief infuses her work with purpose, as she strives to match individuals not just with jobs, but with environments where they can thrive, contribute, and be part of something truly special.

In every recruitment endeavor, Nichole's drive stems from a genuine desire to enhance lives, both for the candidates she places and the establishments she serves. Her work isn't just a career; it's a heartfelt commitment to fostering the warmth and camaraderie that define the soul of hospitality. Through her efforts, she ensures that the industry continues to flourish, one perfectly matched talent at a time.