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Michael Falls

Regional Development Manager


Restaurant Division

New Jersey
New York - Long Island
New York - Midtown
Rhode Island

Michael Falls is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of multifaceted expertise in recruiting, business development, marketing, advertising, and management. Raised in Denver, CO, Michael pursued a degree in Sociology while showcasing his athletic prowess as a college athlete.

During his illustrious career, Michael dedicated nine years to a prominent corporate entity, ascending to the role of National Director of Career Services, overseeing operations across 32 locations nationwide. A strategic transition followed, as he successfully owned and operated his own company for seven years.

Beyond the professional realm, Michael finds solace and inspiration in diverse interests. Whether basking on the beach, indulging in sports, unraveling puzzles, or embracing the great outdoors, he thrives on challenges that stimulate the mind. Michael embodies a dynamic blend of leadership acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for both personal and professional growth