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Don Hutcheson, CPC

Franchise Partner


Hospitality Division


Restaurant Division


Don Hutcheson joined Gecko Hospitality after spending over 30 years in executive leadership roles with industry leaders in the restaurant business. He has a proven track record of identifying, developing, and building high performing leadership teams. Most recently, Don was the Vice President of Operations for Panera Bread. Leading a team of over 3900 team members, managers, and directors.

Don started his restaurant career as an entry level assistant manager and quickly learned what it takes to advance up the management ranks. 13 months later, he was promoted to GM. Putting other people first and helping those around you shine has been a philosophy and practice that he has lived by for 30 years.

Don is excited to utilize his operational experience, strategic thinking, and collaboration skills to match talented people with fulfilling careers. Don is married to his wife Jana and they both enjoy boating, beach, and golf.