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Kevin Buck

Franchise Partner


Hospitality Division

Ohio - Northern
Ohio - Southern
Pennsylvania - Western

Prior to joining Gecko Hospitality, Kevin served as the Executive Director of Operations at Tribute Hospitality Management, LLC from 2019-2022. During his time there, he helped the owner establish the company, making significant contributions to the growth and success of the business. Before that, he served as Area General Manager at Interstate/Aimbridge Hotels & Resorts from 2018-2019, where he managed three hotels for a particular owner, one in Irving Texas and two in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Kevin’s passion for the hospitality industry is evident in his work and his values. He believes that hospitality is all about making people feel comfortable, welcomed, and well-cared for, and he brings that philosophy to everything he does. He takes pride in the rewarding interactions he has with people, and his love of culture has deepened as his career has taken him to new places.