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Mark Herron

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division

Pennsylvania - Western

Mark Herron joins Gecko Hospitality as a University of Iowa graduate, holding degrees in Accounting and Biochemistry. After completing his studies, Mark discovered his true passion in the Hospitality industry. He embarked on a successful career, starting as an Assistant Controller and progressing to the role of Director of Finance. With a keen eye for problem-solving, he excelled at transforming struggling properties into profitable ones. Midway through his journey, Mark transitioned from Finance to Operations.

Throughout his career, Mark worked at various properties across different states, including international locations. His responsibilities often involved overseeing major renovations, implementing brand changes, and driving cultural shifts. Mark's expertise and dedication earned him accolades as an award-winning manager across multiple renowned brands. After four decades in Hotel Management, and involvement with over 30 properties, he decided to return home to the Pittsburgh area with his wife and son, marking the end of a fulfilling chapter in his professional journey.

Mark, a devoted Steelers fan, has a passion for reading and woodworking. Despite retirement appearing to be the logical next step, his unwavering work ethic compelled him to persist. As a result, he has been actively engaged in Executive Recruiting for the past 5 years.