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Xaja Bush

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division

Texas - North

Xaja, originally from Renton, Washington, spent most of her formative years in the Dallas and Houston, Texas area. She pursued higher education at Texas Tech University after graduating from high school. With over 9 years of experience in the Retail, Golf, and Food and Beverage Industries, Xaja joins Gecko Hospitality with valuable supervisory, management & recruiting skills. During her time in Dallas, Texas, she served as the Director of Junior Golf for Champions and later held the position of Assistant Store Manager in Houston and North Dakota. Xaja has also dedicated extensive time to reviewing resumes and conducting hiring processes at various organizational levels, allowing her to possess a discerning eye for talent acquisition. Trust Xaja to bring her expertise and expertise to your team. In her spare time, Xaja enjoys painting, reading, golf, and puzzles.