Reinvent Your Restaurant with Simple Marketing Techniques


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Marketing Techniques in Restaurants Owning or managing a restaurant involves many responsibilities that can have an impact on whether customers become regular visitors. Managing employees, ensuring the food is up to standard, handling supplies and looking after the administration of the business should not impact a customer’s experience. There are simple marketing techniques to save… Read more »

How to Manage The New Overtime Regulations


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Managing the New Overtime Regulations The salary threshold to qualify for overtime will grow from $23,600 to $47,476 a year. This is more than twice the previous figure. The restaurant industry will face considerable labor costs. As expected, the National Restaurant Association is against the new rules and will be challenging the situation. The NRA… Read more »

Qualities That Make A Restaurant Manager Successful


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What Makes a Restaurant Manager Successful? In order to balance the books or even show a profit, all managers need to possess a specific set of skills and various traits to drive their success. Managing Stress and Multi-tasking. Running a restaurant requires a manager to be adept at executing several restaurant-related chores which can lead… Read more »

Overtime Rule Fallout: Fast Food Managers Told To Punch Clock


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New Overtime Rules will Impact Managers Fast-food companies are bracing for a blow to employee morale when their salaried managers have to start punching the clock. Bad vibes, not higher pay, may be the biggest impact of the new Obama administration overtime rule. It will take effect Dec. 1. In a second-quarter earnings call with… Read more »

Gecko Hospitality Ronald McDonald Kitchen Challenge 2016


Gecko Hospitality and Ronald McDonald House Charities

Gecko Hospitality Ronald McDonald House Challenge 2016 This summer, nationwide hospitality recruiting company Gecko Hospitality® will hold its second annual kitchen challenge to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®). Cooking For a Cause Rounding up franchisees, clients, and corporate partners, Gecko Hospitality is putting together volunteer teams.  They will be preparing and cooking meals… Read more »

Is Your Body Language Limiting Your Opportunities?


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The relaxed body language used by a factory worker is vastly different than the body language used by a manager in the hospitality industry. This is why body language is so important in the job interview. If you don’t believe this attend a few networking

Recruiter of The Month July 2015


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July 2015 Kathy Radel  Gecko Hospitality Recruiter Of The Month Gecko Hospitality is proud to announce that Kathy Radel has been chosen and awarded the Recruiter Of The Month for the month of July 2015! Kathy has over 25 years experience hiring, managing and leading teams within the hospitality, retail, and sales industry. She grew… Read more »