Gecko Tells All – New Years Resolutions


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Happy New Year From Gecko Hospitality! Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 1. Lose weight 2. Become more confident 3. Stop procrastinating 4. Learn something new every day 5. Give more effort at work 6. Stop eating out so much 7. Pay off credit card debt 8. Save more money 9. Exercise more 10…. Read more »

How to Manage The New Overtime Regulations


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Managing the New Overtime Regulations The salary threshold to qualify for overtime will grow from $23,600 to $47,476 a year. This is more than twice the previous figure. The restaurant industry will face considerable labor costs. As expected, the National Restaurant Association is against the new rules and will be challenging the situation. The NRA… Read more »

Coping With Higher Wage Rates in Hospitality


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How to Cope with Higher Wage Rates The fact that the minimum wage rates are on the rise is a situation that cannot be ignored. Within the next few years, the minimum wage in California and New York will be $15 per hour. Other cities and states follow close behind. This means that those who… Read more »

Gecko Hospitality Recruiter Of The Month- Ben O’Neal


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Ben O’Neal Gecko Hospitality Recruiter Of The Month June 2015 Gecko Hospitality is proud to announce that Ben O’Neal has been chosen and awarded the Recruiter Of The Month for the month of June 2015. Ben joined Gecko in July of 2013 and started recruiting in August and currently oversees the Alabama and Louisiana markets…. Read more »