Gecko Hospitality Attends the New England Club Managers Association’s Annual Business Expo


  On January 13, 2020 Franchise Partner Evan Kaplan, along with Recruiter Sara Sheiffele, had the pleasure of representing Gecko Hospitality at the New England Club Managers Association’s annual Business Expo. The expo was held at the beautiful Andover Country Club in Andover, MA and hosted by Francisco Ventura, CCM, and Boyd Holk, CCM, CCE…. Read more »

How Do You Know if Your New Job is Right for You?


The biggest worry that we hear from most employees is that they won’t fit into their new job. During the interview, the candidate works hard to put their best foot forward, but when the offer comes, they may have some anxiety about how the job will really work. The time between the job offer and… Read more »

How to Recover Your Restaurant’s Reputation After a Poor Review


Bad news always travels faster than good, which is why a poor online review of your restaurant can do some damage. You may not even feel the review is accurate, however, it still may negatively affect your business. What’s the best way to deal with a bad restaurant review? Is it worth trying to recover… Read more »

Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Negotiate a Job Offer?


You’ve landed the job offer. It’s the home stretch toward starting a new job. There are three options now: Accepting the offer, declining it or making a counteroffer on the salary they’re offering. You don’t want to blow the job or make the employer mad, but you also don’t want to walk away from higher… Read more »

Why Giving Recognition Is So Important for Employees Working in the Hospitality Industry


It’s human nature to want praise for a job well done. This is especially true in the challenging hospitality field, where workers are tasked with pleasing their customers in a variety of settings, from restaurants to hotels and more. But sometimes managers are hard-pressed to remember to praise employees, especially when they are busy or… Read more »

7 Reasons Working in the Service Industry Will Prepare You for Long Term Success


Working in the hospitality industry is not only a solid career that can provide you with an attractive paycheck, it can also teach you many skills that you can apply in life. But for the non-career-tracked hospitality worker, having a job in this industry, even for a short time, can prepare you to succeed in… Read more »

How to Juggle Managing Customers and Staff During a Busy Restaurant Shift



Multitasking is the art of handling several tasks at once. Some of us are usually better at it than others. In the hospitality industry, it’s almost imperative to handle lots of tasks at the same time. For restaurant workers and especially managers, handling customers and staff at the same time can be very difficult. It… Read more »

A Recap of the Top 5 Hospitality Job Search Blogs



As we near the end of 2018, we like to look back at some of the most popular Gecko Hospitality blogs to figure out what trends were most important to our clients. Over the past year or so, we tackled some tough topics such as how to retain the top talent in a competitive employment… Read more »

How To Attract A More Diverse Candidate Pool to Your Restaurant



Diversity in the workplace still matters. This is especially true in the ultra-competitive world of restaurant food service. Having a crew of employees that encompasses a wide array of people means your customers will feel welcome, no matter their ethnicity. Offering a multilingual menu and making subtle shifts to accommodate culture can help attract a… Read more »

Should You Offer Paid Hospitality Internships?



Internships are an important way of giving back to students seeking to improve their resume skills before leaving college or high school. It’s also a great way to proactively fill a recruiting funnel for down the road. But interns are labor-intensive additions to your hospitality team, typically requiring closer oversight than a working adult with… Read more »