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8 Hospitality Certifications That Would Boost Your Career

There are numerous jobs in the hospitality field at the moment, but many are entry-level. Hospitality is a great career path but to make the best income you need to move toward the top of the ladder. How can you do this? There are several certifications that can move you beyond entry-level into a more lucrative career. In this blog, we’ll look at eight certifications that can turn your hospitality job into a long-term career.

Hospitality Certifications to Pursue

Employers reserve the best hospitality jobs for candidates with certifications under their belts. Here are eight of the best hospitality certifications that will ensure you are that candidate:

  1. Cvent Supplier Professional Certifications are great for marketing and sales professionals who work at hotels or venues that feature events.
  2. Destination Management Certified Professionals (DMCP) have a certification in managing vacation destination locations.
  3. Certified Government Meeting Professionals understand and can comply with the federal government requirements for designing and implementing on-site meetings.
  4. Digital Event Strategist (DES) certifications are for hospitality professionals that work to engage customers online—and these days, this is a great skill to have.
  5. Certified Venue Executive (CVE) designates that the professional is skilled at managing large event venues.
  6. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is a great credential to have in your professional toolkit, no matter where your career may take you. The top 10% of speakers in multiple industries hold this designation.
  7. Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) is a designation that is handy if you work in the subset of the hospitality industry that manages live events and trade shows.
  8. Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE) signify a level of excellence in the hospitality field related to food service.

Why Should You Be Certified?

These hospitality certifications are earned by the most accomplished professionals in the hospitality field. They show a level of accomplishment, experience, and acumen that is highly sought by top employers. You can also seek out certifications in particular types of software that are relevant to your field. Why should you seek these certifications? Employers are looking for serious-minded employees that want to build their hospitality careers. If you put the time and energy into these certifications, it will set you apart from other applicants. It will also show employers that you’re dedicated to your career path. Many employers will even pay for these designations as part of your employment contract.

Gecko Hospitality is proud to work with the nation’s top hospitality employers. If you’re seeking a position where you can apply these certifications, or if you’re looking for a job with educational benefits that will help you earn these credentials, we can help you find it.


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