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Did You Know Employee Retention Can Start During the Very First Job Interview?

Hiring the right employees isn’t enough to keep you on top in the fiercely competitive hospitality industry. Backfilling positions costs a lot, and defecting talent only makes your competition stronger. It’s challenging to hang on to top performers when the hospitality turnover rate is so high, which means employee retention should start during the very first job interview.

Look for These Traits in Interviews to Boost Employee Retention

Knowing what to look for in candidates can help you pick the ones who will stick around.

The length of time at other positions is one of the strongest indicators of whether someone will leave a job quickly. Prospective employees with a history of job hopping won’t be around long. Unless, of course, you can find and solve the underlying cause of the behavior.

Past reasons for quitting can offer important insights into whether candidates are likely to abandon ship. If a candidate has left several jobs in the past due to lack of growth opportunities, and your organization doesn’t offer room for advancement, the position won’t stay filled for long.

Making sure candidates are a good cultural fit for your organization is key to keeping them around long term. Workplace culture is a major concern for employees, and the most successful and long-lasting hires fit both the job and your company culture.

Dos and Don’ts to Retain Talent

  • DO find out what candidates liked most and least about their previous employers. How do the answers align with what your organization offers and the position entails?
  • DON’T rely on a generic description of the role, company or opportunities for advancement in the organization. Get into details. Make sure everyone knows exactly what to expect on all sides.
  • DO introduce supervisors and key team members during the interview to see how personalities mesh. About 17 percent of employees leave roles because of dissatisfaction with management or the general working environment.
  • DON’T ignore red flags. Candidates who show little interest in how they fit into your organization won’t work out. If someone doesn’t bother to Google your company before the interview, it’s safe to expect the same level of interest when they are on the job.
  • DO communicate with candidates throughout the interview process. Personalize your email responses, be receptive to questions and concerns, and let candidates know where they are in the hiring process.
  • DON’T think an employee will be happy with an uncompetitive salary. An unsatisfied employee will seek out a job with higher pay and better benefits. If you can’t afford to pay more, offer remote workdays or other perks instead.
  • DO hire for retention. Don’t wait until employees are unhappy, and definitely don’t wait until they’ve sent out their resumes. By talking—and really listening—during interviews, you can figure out exactly who your candidates are and what they need to be content.

Want to Know How Employee Retention Can Start at the First Interview?

Retention rates in hospitality are lower than in most other industries. We can help you find—and keep—the best employees. Contact Gecko Hospitality for expert staffing and recruitment help. Read More about Employee Retention here


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