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Thinking About a Career Change? Ask Yourself These Questions

Job hopping is a common topic these days, especially with millennials’ reputation for not staying put very long. On average, people in this age group change jobs four times within their first 10 years out of college.

Often, “job hopping” has a negative connotation, especially to older generations. But regularly changing jobs has benefits. It also has legitimate causes, like the desire to work for a company with aligning values that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Hopping jobs generally refers to moving from one company to another in the same industry, or sticking with a similar position for a brand in a different industry. But sometimes, you don’t want a new job doing more of the same. Other times, it’s for a career change doing something completely different.

If you need a completely new direction, there are important questions to ask yourself — and answer honestly — that can help determine what your next career should be.

What Do You Love About What You Love?

A passion can lead you down an obvious career path that ends up being unsatisfying. For example, let’s say you’ve long been fascinated by psychology. You majored in it and are now a therapist. But listening to people talk about their problems all day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe you’d find more fulfillment using your insights into people’s thought processes, emotions, and motivations to create compelling ad campaigns.

What Will You Be Driven to Excel At?

Some experts think it’s too simplistic to ask yourself, “What is my passion?” They say it disregards the work aspect of working. Very few jobs offer nonstop unbridled joy, and most come with some obligations you won’t be crazy about. Take a more realistic view and think about what you want to learn about and get better at doing. In other words, what are you willing to work hard at, and accept some extra baggage for? And, on the flip side, what sort of tasks just wear you down?

What Type of Environment Do You Thrive In?

For some, a busy, fast-paced office setting encourages focus, efficiency and creativity; for others, it’s full of distractions. The silence and stillness of working from home helps some people be productive; the solitude or lack of accountability leaves others feeling cut off or leads them off task. It takes some trial and error to figure out what type of work environment is best for you.

What Career Fits Into the Life You Want?

Just because a particular career fits the bill in light of the previous questions, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for the life you want. For example, does it leave enough time for your family? Will you have to wear a suit and tie every day, when you really don’t want to? Does it offer the opportunities for travel you crave — or will you be on the road more than you care to? Is there enough potential for advancement and higher income? Does it let you make the impact you hope to make?

Thinking About a Career in Hospitality?

A career in hospitality offers plenty of excitement, variety, fun, engagement, upward mobility, and more. If you’re thinking about leaving one career behind to pursue another in hospitality, contact Gecko Hospitality for expert advice to help you navigate the transition!


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